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To increase the ability to be found online via organic search, foundational SEO is the primary objective to set your website up for ongoing SEO success. If you are just getting started in SEO for your website, this is the perfect place to start.

Foundational SEO Introductory Offer

Included in the Offer

Foundational Technical SEO Audit

  • Analysis of current search performance and top-performing keywords
  • Identification of issues negatively affecting search performance that should be addressed including general visibility, meta data, content, links, images, and semantic data
  • Full website audit of site back-end, architecture, and content
  • Recommendations for improved organic search power
  • Baseline report against which SEO progress will be measured

Keyword and Competitive Research

  • Identify keywords users search for pertaining to your offerings
  • Identify keywords your competitors are gaining traffic from
  • Determine the top keywords to use in on-site SEO pages as well as future content planning
  • 25 top keywords to optimize for

Website SEO Implementation

  • Keyword mapping & meta-data development (up to 5 pages)
    Select keywords and create meta data (i.e., the fields with SEO roles that sit in the back-end code of the page)
  • Integration of keywords into existing copy
    Incorporate keywords into the current page content in a natural, SEO-friendly manner

Account Setup

  • Digital Marketing Gmail address for all accounts
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • MOZ
  • SEMRush


Only $500 one-time charge!

Getting started is simple! Here’s how it works:

  1. Click the “Get Started” link below
  2. Make your payment online via PayPal
  3. Once we receive your order confirmation, we will send you a client intake form to be completed online
  4. Schedule a time for your project kick-off consultation
  5. We begin your foundational SEO project



Why do I need foundational SEO?

If you want to gain organic search engine traffic, you need to optimize your website. Foundational SEO ensures you are starting with the basics of SEO from the ground up. Whatever your on-going SEO strategy might be, setting up a strong foundation is crucial to your success.

Is this a one-time fee, or do I have to make an ongoing commitment?

The cost for the Introductory SEO promotion is a one-time fee. If you need additional services after performing the initial foundation, that will be quoted as a separate one-time or on-going fee.

How do I proceed with SEO after the initial foundational work is completed?

Once the foundational SEO is complete, ongoing SEO is a must. Depending on the results of the audit included, you may need to proceed with fixing any issues, monitoring your SEO progress over time, creating an SEO strategy, and continuing to improve your current SEO and implement SEO on any new content you create.

How do I fix any issues with my website that arise from my SEO Audit?

More often than not, there are at least a few issues that arise from your SEO audit. Depending on the types of issues that are identified, and the resources you currently have, you may choose to fix the issues yourself, have your webmaster fix the issues, or hire a digital marketing freelancer such as us.

I need more than SEO for my website, are there other digital marketing services you offer?

Absolutely! As a holistic digital marketing company we offer digital marketing strategy, execution and management across multiple channels.

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Need other payment options?

We do accept other payment options, including checks. Because payment is due up front prior to providing your foundational SEO, payment by check or money order must be cleared before work begins.

Need a proposal or SOW in order to submit a payment?

We will be happy to provide one at your request.


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If you need an invoice in order to process payment through your accounting department, we will be happy to provide that for you.


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