Top 5 Reasons to Get a Website SEO Audit

Have you been told that you should get an SEO Audit done for your website, but aren’t thoroughly convinced that you really need one? These are the top 5 reasons why having your website reviewed by a professional SEO, and getting an SEO Analysis report is important.

You are getting ready to redesign your website

Many times when businesses want to revamp their website, or make it look “prettier”, they will find a recommended web designer or firm, get very excited at the new face the designer has provided, and move right on in to development with the excitement of getting a brand new look and feel that they want to show the world. Unfortunately, the majority of web designers and web developers alike fail to recognize the fact that there are so many repercussions to jumping in head first and worrying about SEO later. That is until they check their analytics reports and/or rankings and realize that their visits and rankings have tanked.

Before you embark on a website redesign, an SEO audit will provide you with the insight required to plan your redesign successfully, You only have a short window of opportunity to do do this, because if you relaunch your website, you will never get the chance to go back and  see what was working and not working for your website before.

Why does it matter? There are a number of reasons why it matters. Whether your website was doing terrible from an SEO perspective or whether it was doing stellar, both of these things you need to know before moving forward. If your website was very weak from an SEO perspective, there could be tons of reasons why, and you may very well end up carrying those negatives over to the new site. On the flip side, you want to make sure that the things that you were doing well are then carried over to your new site.

You just launched a new website

If you are a start-up, new company or business, and have just launched a brand new site within the last year, an SEO Audit along with an analysis will help you to gauge your SEO health. How well has your site done since launch? What do you need to fix? You especially need to look for important factors such as crawl issues. You want to make sure, especially if you did not invest in any SEO at the time of your launch if there are any crawl factors that are hindering the search engines from finding, crawling, indexing or ranking your website. Also, this may be the time when you realize that you have new business and/or website, but can’t figure out why you aren’t receiving organic traffic from search engines. This may have started you thinking about investing in an SEO plan. Before you are able to execute on an SEO strategy, plan and implementation, you must first get an assessment of where you are.

You have never done SEO on your site

If you have a site that has been up for months or even years, and have done little to no optimization on the site, you will want to start with the SEO Audit. Not only will you get insights into how you can improve your website, how to tailor your road map, but you can establish benchmarks to measure your performance moving forward.

You are preparing to start optimizing your site

Ok, so now you are ready to do SEO. Whether you are doing it yourself, in-house, or outsourcing your SEO, the first step is finding out the state of your website. No two websites are going to be exactly alike, and the same is true for SEO road maps. Make sure you are not jumping right in the middle of keyword research and on-page optimization, when the more serious concerns are that you have poor SEO fundamentals and many errors.

You are not satisfied with your current SEO

Perhaps you have utilized an SEO agency currently, or in the past that you failed to see the results you were promised or had hoped for. You might have even gone through several SEO companies and have found that your results were less than stellar. If you haven’t given up hope on the entire SEO process all together, you might be looking for an SEO firm or consultant that can get you the results that you are looking for The first step in engaging or re-engaging an SEO strategy is to find out where your website currently stands from a search engine optimization perspective, fix immediate concerns, tackle the low-hanging fruit of SEO opportunities that lay in front of you, and determine your SEO road map for a long-term strategy that is custom to your business needs. If you don’t know what has gone wrong in the past, or what has not worked, how can you move forward with a strategy. Many SEOs will put you directly into a process that they think you need, one that is a one-size fits all type of strategy, but this may not be conducive to your business goals or KPIs.

These are just the top 5 reasons that you should get an SEO audit, but there can be many other situations that deem a thorough SEO audit and analysis. If the investment in a website SEO analysis is not within your budget, it is likely that what you need to do to rank higher and attract more targeted visitors is also out of your range. These are things to consider and make a decision whether or not you are truly ready to commit to implementing a proper SEO strategy.

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